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We offer a wide range of services for repair and maintenance at Pulau Kambing yard. Its facilities can compliment boats and crafts up to 40 meters in length of about 300 tones displacement.

Amongst facilities that we have in place at 4.3 acres Pulau Kambing Yard are:-


Top : Hangar No 3
Middle : MSET Pulau Kambing yard's facing Terengganu's river. From left hangar no 3, hangar no 2 and hangar no 1
Bottom : Inside hangar no 1
Hangar 1 (20M x 60M)- c/w 25 Ton Overhead Crane and launching way
Hangar 2 35M x 72M
Hangar 3 30M x 40M

Jetty No. 1 38m Length
Jetty No. 2 18m Length

  Left: Jetty no 3 from right view
  Right: Jetty no 3 from left view

Slipway No. 1 (77M X 12M)- c/w 25 Ton Overhead Crane Open Type
Slipway No. 2 (60M x 12M) c/w Launching Way

Slipway no 1
Electrical & Electronics Workshop 27m x 12m
Machinery Workshop 44m x 31m
Machinery Piping Workshop 50m x 6.5m
Carpentry Workshop 15m x 10m
Lathe Machine Workshop 15m x 10m
Yard Facilities Workshop 12m x 8m
Gun Workshop 12m x 7.5m

Top : Open Overhead Crane
Bottom : Indoor Overhead Crane

Top : 6 Ton Forklift
Bottom : 20 Ton lorry
Other Facilities
One (1) unit overhead crane 3 ton
Seven (7) units forklift 3KW
Seven (7) units TIG welding machine  
Five (5) units mobile air compressor 5 HP  
Four (4) units portable stand drill machine  
Submerge Arc Welding M/C
Generator 800~~1000KVA
Air Compressor 390 CFM
Heavy Duty HighPress Wash 1500 P.S.I
Heavy Duty Pipe Bender up to 4" - M.S and Alum
Steel Cutting Bench Saw up to 9"
Pipe Threaded Machine Max 0 = 1"
Vantilation Fan with six (6) Outlet Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty Submesible Pump
Heavy Duty Redial Drilling M/C > 50mm
Electric Air Compressor Screw Type - Silent C/W Air Dryer 1200 CFM
Electric Hydraulic Puncher up 1"
Portable Magnetic Drill Up
D.c Arc Welding M/C 500 amp c/w Rack & Control
Flux Core Welding M/C 500 amp
High Pressure Wash Machine 3000 - 5000 P.S.I
Neutrix MIC MAchine colortwo 500 Amp C/W Rack & Control Panel
OTC Plasma Cutting MAchine D 12000
Digital MIG Machine EWM 401 Amp
TIG Machine EWM - Tetrix
Rotator x colortwo 10 Ton
2 Units of 6 Ton Forklift
Twenty Five (25) units MIG welding machine
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