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In achieving customer satisfaction, MSET Shipbuilding Corporation Sdn. Bhd is committed to provide the best service to our valued customers by continuously improving the quality standard of shipbuilding and ship repairing works that fulfills the requirements of all interested parties.



In order to achieve this, the following quality values shall be implemented:

  To understand the shipbuilding and ship repairing business environment and meet all customers requirements
  To comply with quality management system and strive towards improving its
  To review and provide the Quality Objective yearly
  To convey the Quality Policy to all employees
  To ensure policy is reviewed for continuous appropriateness


We always committed to provide our customers with superior quality and have implemented rigorous quality systems to assure this. "Quality through Codes of Standard Practices" is a concept used at MSETsc to help us determine customer needs and the internal testing protocol needed to assure product quality. By including customers in this process, we are able to prioritize their

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